11 Easy Mason Jar Candles You Can Make At Home – Candle Making


This roundup of Candle making tutorials all use recycled or purpose-bought Mason jars.  Mason jars are strong and durable and a great mold or vessel for candles.  Personally, I love using the heavy-based Mason jars as they are strong and can withstand the heat of a candle. If you are using upcycled mason jars or jars in general, make sure your candle glass jar is not too thin.

Edited to add:  The Mason jar lids that contain wicks for oil lamp burners can be bought here.

Mason jars remained popular during World War II for canning and preserving food. Mason jars are still a favorite amongst the canning community. These jars truly do stand the test of time.

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DIY Mason Jar Citronella Lavender Candle- A Cultivated Nest

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DIY Funfetti Soy Mason Jar Candle

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