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When my children were little we would always collect a few shells as we walked along the beach, they would always end up in pockets, in the washing machine, or next to bedside tables displayed like treasure. I never threw out the shells, instead, I began collecting them in a large vase. Fast forward 10 years later and I am not left with quite a few shells, and whilst the kids have moved on from the attachment to the shells, I have been looking up ways to use the shells in some DIY projects to keep the memories alive a little longer for me.

Here are 16 projects that show you how to use seashells in candle making, I love the single shell candles, but I do not have any shells large enough for that, so I am going to make the Keepsake Seashelle pillar candles. I am planning on making a few extra candles to gift to the grandparents too, as some of those beach days were spent with their grandparents walking along the beach and camping in tents. Such fond memories, but a vase of shells serves no purpose, right?

When I make my own candles I always use a soy-based wax, it is easy to work with. How much wax do you need? You will need twice the amount of wax flakes as there is liquid volume in your shells or candle mold. To calculate, fill each shell with water and then pour the water into a measuring cup

I also came across this candle fragrance pack called Beach Fragrance oil which I will plan to use in my candles too.


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