6 Amazing Campfire Mug Candle Tutorials – Candle Making

Campfire mugs as enamel mugs that are used for camping as they are nonbreakable, but now they are making their way into the kitchen and country-themed lounge rooms all over the country. To me, they will always be the “camping cup”, I grew up using them so I don’t think I could see them as anything but a campfire cup.

But when something becomes popular it is always fun to watch the trends evolve, and now these handy campfire cups are becoming campfire candles. I guess I am not the only one who didn’t want to drink my morning coffee from them.

Here are 6 tutorials for making your own campfire candles.

DIY Mug Candle – A Pumpkin And A Princess 

How to Make Enamel Mug Candles – CandleScience

DIY Wood Wick Campfire Mug Candle 

DIY Camp Mug Candle – Poppytalk

Homemade Enamelware Mug Candles – Eating Bird Food 

Enamel Coffee Mug Candle: How to Make Candles in a Mug

Campfire candles are great for gifting to anyone who is outdoorsy or just loves to sit on the patio. If you are making these for a patio gift consider adding some citronella oil to your Soy wax base to help ward off the bugs and mosquitos at night.



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