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Many people dream of attending the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. Unfortunately, taking a plane trip out there is not in the cards for most individuals. Fortunately, there are Oktoberfests that take place in cities all over the world that bring the experience closer to home.

One city that offers a can’t-miss Oktoberfest event is Havana, Ill. Read on to find out more about what their festival has to offer.

About Havana Oktoberfest

The 2022 Havana Oktoberfest will take place from September 9-11 in downtown Havana. It is a free event although you will have to pay for food, drinks, and certain activities. It is open to all ages.

Hours are as follows:

• Friday: 6 PM- midnight

• Saturday: 8 AM – midnight

• Sunday: 1-4 PM

Events and Activities

Here are some events and activities you can enjoy at the Havana Oktoberfest.

• Parade: The parade kicks off the festival Friday at 6PM. People march down the street carrying flags representing all nationalities.

• Carnival: The carnival is open every day of the festival offering exciting rides and games.

• Live Music: A variety of bands play throughout the festival offering both traditional and modern music.

• Polka Pace Race: The Polka Place Race happens on Saturday at 8 AM. Everyone and anyone is welcome to sign up.

• Beer Stein Holding Competition: The beer stein holding competitions involves participants holding out full steins of beer with their arms outstretched. The ones that can hold out the longest win.

• Cornhole Tournament: Guests can sign up to compete in a game of cornhole which involves tossing a bean bag into a hole in a box that lays flat.

• German Attire Competition: Guests are encouraged to show up in traditional German attire. Those that do can complete in the German attire competition.

• Brat Eating Contest: Whoever can eat the most brats in the shortest amount of time wins.

• Vendors: Vendors will be in the courtyard selling a selection of German wares.

• Food and Beer: A variety of beer and food will be served including traditional German dishes and carnival fare.

Things to Do in Havana

Here are some things you can do in Havana when you’re not out enjoying Oktoberfest:

• Riverfront Park Riverwalk: Riverfront Park offers park pavilions, boat docks, walking paths, playgrounds, and more.

• Havana Nature Center: The Havana Nature Center features a variety of changing exhibits that educate guests about nature.

• Havana Water Tower: The Havana Water Tower was built in 1889 and is the fourth oldest water tower in Illinois.

• Rockwell Mound: Rockwell Mound is an Indian mound that was built around 150 AD. It is thought to be the biggest prehistoric artwork in the Illinois River Valley.

• Chautauqua National Wildlife Refuge: This refuge is an ideal destination for bird watching, mushroom and berry picking, and fishing.

• Sand Ridge State Forest: The Sand Ridge State Forest boasts 7200 acres of forest. It’s an ideal destination for hiking, biking, camping, and cross-country skiing.

• Jack Wolf Memorial Fish Hatchery: The fish hatchery runs into the Sand Ridge State Forest. It offers an indoor observation area and impressive displays.

• Dickson Mounds Museum: This archaeological museum is a branch of the Illinois State Museum.

• Emiquon National Wildlife Refuge: This still-developing refuge area is home to the Frank Bellrose Nature Trail and Spoon River.

• Lincoln’s New Salam: Lincoln’s New Salem is about 30 miles south of Havana. It is a reconstruction of Abraham Lincoln’s childhood village.

If you are looking for an Oktoberfest experience but can’t make it out to Munich, Havana provides the perfect alternative. Its festival offers so many exciting things to see and do. What will you be getting to first when you’re in town for the event?

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