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Christmas is a joyous time of year, but it can be quite stressful as well. Especially when it comes to buying presents.

Many people have an extensive list of people to buy for. They must think of what the person will want and doesn’t already have. They will need to come up with items that are suited to the recipient’s style and taste.

If you have children on your gift list, there’s one item you can’t go wrong with, wooden blocks. This article will explain why wooden blocks make the ultimate holiday gift.

No Batteries

It’s common for children’s toys to require batteries. That means that once the batteries wear out, parents will have to run to the store to buy more. This is an expense and a bother. And truth be told, most parents won’t go to the trouble and your gift will end up gathering dust.

Wooden blocks don’t require batteries making them a low maintenance option.

They Have a Vintage Feel

Kids have been playing with blocks for years. This gives them an old-timey, vintage feel that goes hand in hand with the simplicity of the holiday season.

They are Beneficial to Child Development

Block play is beneficial to development in several ways. This makes blocks something parents feel good about, and something you can feel good about. Here’s how they can benefit children:

• They teach problem solving: Blocks make kids think about what they want to build and how to build them improving problem solving abilities.

• They boost creativity: Children see wooden blocks as a blank slate that they can use to create various scenes and objects.

• They teach mathematical skills: Block play teaches mathematical skills like symmetry, balance, measurement, comparison, and more.

• Social development: If children play with blocks with friends, they learn how to share and cooperate with others.

• They increase Self-Esteem: Children who use blocks can feel proud of their creations. This helps to boost feelings of self-esteem.

• They improve Science Skills: Block play allows children to test hypotheses and build scientific reasoning.

• They improve motor skills: Playing with blocks improves motor skills increasing strength and movement. This is especially beneficial for young children.

• They teach continuity and permanence: Blocks don’t stand forever. This teaches children a valuable lesson in terms of continuity and permanence.

It can be stressful to think of things to buy your friends and family for Christmas. Wooden blocks are the ideal children’s item. Will you be including them in your next batch of presents?

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